How did The Little Bone Broth Company begin? Well, like many Kiwi products, when no one else was doing it, we had a go ourselves. It’s been a journey of discovery; with a lot learnt along the way, we thought we’d share some of it with you here.

See the recipes page for ways to use our bone broth.
How did it all begin for us?

We (Cat & Alex) have always been huge fans of spending Saturday mornings down at our local Christchurch Farmer's Market.

In March 2018, Cat suggested to Alex that he apply for a stall and have a go at selling a few jars of his homemade bone broth, for the enjoyment of being there as much as anything. On his first day a very nervous Alex arrived with 45 jars of Chicken Bone Broth and before he knew it they were sold out. He took double the amount the next week with the same result. From then, people began contacting us on social media from all around New Zealand wanting to know how they could get their hands on our product. Very soon we had moved into our first commercial kitchen and Alex left his job to make broth full time! We have never looked back.

But why Bone Broth?

Alex has always been and still is a very keen home cook. He first started making stock by saving the bones after a roast meal and boiling them up with some veges. Then he would use next time he would make risotto, curry or the next roasts gravy. About 5 years ago a nutritionist introduced Alex to the idea of cooking the bones for a lot longer and ultimately to the concept of bone broth. Alex has been drinking broth daily ever since, despite the many strange looks and comments he used to get from his friends and workmates. He has also done a huge amount of research to back up why he says "everybody should be drinking it". It safe to say that the taste and quality of his bone broth has improved since the first batches through trial and error but the same, simple, authentic recipe is on that Alex will also hold true too and now shares with you.

How we started to grow.

Not long after our very first farmer's market, people started reaching out to us from as far afield as Australia, asking if we could send them orders of our bone broth. Interest across New Zealand around bone broth and its many benefits was and still is continuing to grow along with demand for our products. We had developed a simple label and were registered with the local council under a food safety plan and we were tracking along OK. We were lucky enough to appear in some local magazines and were also interviewed by Stuff which went around the country online. It was after that that we were approached about putting our broth in front of a major supermarket chain to see if they liked it. This was pretty daunting but even more so when they turned around and said they loved it and wanted to fast track us onto their shelves.

Today, and after many challenges and steep learning curves we are available in supermarkets around the country and select specialty stores - see our stockist page for a list of where to find our delicious broth near you.

Where to from here?

We have some pretty big plans about where we want to take our wee business, The Little Bone Broth Company. Currently we have several exciting ideas in the pipeline and in the not too distant future, hope to develop different bone broth related products.

Looking back on how The Little Bone Broth Company started and what we have achieved so far is something we are so very proud off. Even now when we see our broth on the shelf at our local supermarket we still pinch ourselves everytime.

But one thing remains very clear to us, the importance of our roots and where we began. The Christchurch Farmer’s Market is where we started, it’s our home. Our fellow stall holders are like family now and our loyal customers the reason we do what we do. No matter how our wee company grows or where this amazing journey takes us we will always remain true to our recipe, true to producing the best Bone Broth available and true to being a husband and wife team dedicated to putting time and love into every batch we make for the health of you and your family.