From being diagnosed with RA about 6 years ago and being on many medications I started to search for healthy options of what to eat and what to stay away from. At this point my mobility was getting worse with very sore knee joints. I read on the internet about bone broth benefits and decided I would try this.
I found the Little Bone Broth Company and tried the bone broth with great results. My mobility got better and the joint pain lessened and I was also sleeping better. The convenience of buying bone broth in a jar is great and its one of the first things I pack when travelling around NZ. I am still on medication but finding the broth is now my daily health ritual just love it.
The team at The Little Bone Broth Company have been supportive and excited about my progress from using their excellent broth.

Dawn Cook,

I am a big fan of bone broth from The Little Bone Broth Company. I use it straight after I break my fast and the results are great. Bone broth is packed with vitamins, protects the joints and helps reduce inflammation which is great for gut health. Drinking bone broth helps assist with weight loss and makes better tasting meals while adding all the health benefits at the same time.

I highly recommend bone broth from The Little Bone Broth Company.

Bowyn Morgan, IBO Asia Pacific welterweight champion, competing for the WBU world welterweight title May 2019 here in Christchurch.

I have been buying broth from The Little Bone Broth Company regularly for the last eight months. They are delicious and very nutritious and certainly a lot easier than making our own. I love the chicken broth as a hot drink, and it makes the best gravy, risotto and casseroles.

Jane Wright, Christchurch