Local ingredients

Our bone broth is made with nothing but 100% natural ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible. We’re true believers in ‘good things take time’. Every batch of our 100% natural bone broth is slowly simmered for up to three days to draw out every last drop of flavour and nutrition.

Find out where to buy our bone broth.

Produced in small batches in our Christchurch kitchen, you can find our bone broth in many supermarkets and specialty stores throughout both the North & South Island in their chilled deli section.

We reckon bone broth could be the world’s oldest ‘superfood’. A source of nourishment and wellbeing for centuries, cultures around the world turn to its restorative properties to this very day.

Did you know, the naturally occurring nutrients in bone broth can assist in gut and digestive health, supporting immunity, skin vitality, joint health and anti-inflammatory recovery.

People often ask us how to use bone broth. You can heat it up and drink it on its own (it makes a super alternative to coffee in the morning) or use it like a stock to supercharge everyday dishes.

At The Little Bone Broth Company, we reckon real food is good food. So, we try to make it really good. And in our humble opinion, we think we are damn close to nailing it...!

From hospo and healthcare backgrounds, we care as much about health and wellbeing as we do about great tasting food. The Little Bone Broth Company is the coming together of these two passions.

There’s almost more to say about what doesn’t go into our broth than what does! We’re not going to give away our secret recipe but we can tell you it’s nothing but 100% natural ingredients and no added extras.