Bone Broth Meal Topper for Cats and Dogs (12 Pack)

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The epic new addition to our range, made just for pets!

100% human grade, our new Meal Topper for pets contains nothing but our famous broth, minus the onions and salt. We have done loads of trials with cats and dogs all over New Zealand and they just love it!

Great for adding your pet's regular food at mealtime, or for making dry food more interesting. You can add to their water and have fun making frozen treats to cool the down on a hot day. 

Our nutrient rich bone broths can help promote better joints, shinier coats and healthier guts just by adding 100mls a day to your pet's diet.

Made with organic beef bones from North Canterbury and the amazing organic chicken frames we get from our friends at Bostock's in the Hawkes Bay, proudly made in NZ.

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