Really good, real, good food

What is bone broth?

Not a soup and not a stock, bone broth is something better! Using a simple formula of time and quality ingredients, every batch of our 100% natural bone broth is slowly simmered for up to three days to draw out every last drop of flavour and nutrition.

What’s so great about broth?

Full of flavours and nutrients

We reckon bone broth could be the world’s oldest ‘superfood’. A source of nourishment and wellbeing for centuries, cultures around the world turn to its restorative properties to this very day.

How we make our broth

About us

From farmer’s market to supermarket

From hospo and healthcare backgrounds, we care as much about health and wellbeing as we do about great tasting food. The Little Bone Broth Company is the coming together of these two passions. Made up of husband and wife team, Alex and Catherine Watson, our story begins like many Kiwi products – we knew bone broth was good for you, but no one was making it well, so we had a go ourselves. It took a few batches to perfect the recipe, but we’ve honed what we think is a pretty tasty drop.

Still available at our local farmer’s market, you’ll also find us on supermarket shelves.