Green Thai Curry Broth (6 pack)

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Our Green Thai Curry Broth is crafted with nothing short of 100% natural ingredients, gathered from local sources whenever feasible.

Infused for up to three days to extract the maximum richness and essence from our high-quality components, our Green Thai Curry Broth is as nourishing as it is scrumptious.

Sip it solo for a warming comfort or use it to amplify the flavors of everyday meals. No need for elaborate recipes; our Green Thai Curry Broth functions like a stock, only it's brimming with a more intense vibrancy and no unnecessary additives.

Interestingly, the spotlight falls more on what isn't in our Green Thai Curry Broth than what is! It’s 100% natural, void of preservatives, and has a low sodium content.

Pack of 6.

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